forgot that i had made this blog

sarah_connorHello there, and welcome to my blog. Some content may be properly punctuated and capitalized and such, others may not. My general areas of interest and expertise are in computers, economics, politics, bombing hills, “is that cooked enough” steak, downers, technical metal, comparative systems analysis, strong and nuanced beer, neurochemistry, girls, epistemology, hot pockets, moke bokes, formal logic, dead baby jokes, sashimi, kaleidism, and who knows what else. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and feel free to have email correspondence with myself. You may also find me by my reddit username hxc333, I frequent various subreddits like /r/anarcho_capitalism, /r/austrian_economics, /r/djent, /r/logic, /r/rad_decentralization, /r/parrots, /r/retrobattlestations, et cetera.


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