why am i the bad guy?

why am i the bad guy? the guy with holes in his ears? the guy that smokes at 2 a.m. the most caustic, ammonia-packed cigarettes he has found thus far in life? the guy who skates in his twenties? the guy who drinks like he’s got two hollow legs, and perhaps a hollow skull as well? the guy who hates the fucking state because he sees it as the huge gang of brainwashing sanctimonious criminals that it is? the guy who kicked those beautiful, life-fulfilling, mind-satiating, yet purely evil gamma-aminobutyric acid blasters known as benzodiazepines, only to delve into the depths of alcoholism only a year later, the only other thing that does the job properly and gets your gaba right & fuckered up? the guy who has a girlfriend 250 miles away, and a female best friend? the guy who kicked opiates but can still handle the worst (or best?) of them, on occasion, if the time is right and he doesn’t smoke too fast and starts involuntarily emptying his meals in reverse sequence? the guy who left his studies of biopsychology to become a philosopher, educated at a pristine yet sickeningly communist yet well-renowned university? the guy who struggles with the knowledge that he sometimes, under inexplicable self-duress, throws away the things he loves most, like littering in a $1000-fine area, but not arbitrarily decided upon by busybody losers? the guy who thinks that mainstream macroeconomics is bullshit, unless you count the rare gems from the better chicagoans like mv=pq? the guy who reads for fun? the guy who blasts (good) metal every time he gets in the car? the guy who enjoys nothing more than the meat of a dead bovine carcass, barely seared and filled thick with sanguinity? the guy who thinks moles are actually the worst drug in existence, or at least second to amphetamines, which he fortunately never had even the slightest inkling of fondness towards? the guy who still doesn’t mind playing the pokemon card game with his friends, even if it involves getting hammered? six prizes → six gnarly fucking ipa’s, right? the guy who kicked ocd, at least mostly, with no help from anybody, especially not shit-talking parents? the guy who used to think psychedelics were the gateway to a deeper understanding of the universe, but now realizes they are merely one device within the incredible myriad of tools at a philosopher’s disposal, not useful unless the other tools have been in use in the right ways, and even then sometimes downright unpleasant? the guy who got hppd before using any kind of drugs at all, leading to his former addiction to clonazepam, that beautiful antihero that miraculously comes to the aid of the lateral geniculate nuclei, at the expense of all emotion and shit-giving? the guy who works in IT because he started building computers at ten and never looked back? the guy who loves markets, because they represent the highest level of cooperation and human progress ever instantiated, but have become the most-villified institution in existence, thanks to some lazy fat dead guys with ugly-ass juvenile fucktard-beards? the guy who still does rigorous logical derivations, far after “finishing” his “official” studies of ontology and epistemology? the guy who is a neoplatonist in respect to the existence of numbers and mathematics? the guy who can’t see what’s morally wrong with the use of drugs? the guy who still hasn’t quite cracked the code of his own personal turmoil stemming from irritable bowel syndrome, forever relegated to enduring the pain from lack of digestion and bricks in his intestines until he decides to flip the switch to liquify?

aliases – the reality of beliefs

why am i the bad guy? what about leftists like tomas piketty that would rather see that nobody gets rich, even if poor people stay just as poor, or even get poorer? what about the statist fuckwads that run “our” government, shooting harmless stoners’ dogs and throwing their owners in the rape-cage? what about fucking idiots that think that the government can somehow produce a better outcome by monopolizing the supply of currency then using magic paper-shuffling tricks to allocate resources, while lacking the distributed knowledge mechanisms inherent to the market’s decentralized system of profit-and-loss testing of consumer preferences? what about fucking idiots like “our” current president, who centralized control of an entire sixth of the economy while remaining in complete ignorance of economics, though surely not doing as such for exclusively the reason of said illiteracy? what about people like alan greenspan, who wrecked the economy while knowing full-well what they were doing at the time, but still deny any involvement, let alone total complicity? what about keynes himself, who said that inflation was the easiest and sneakiest way to confiscate wealth from the general population, then went ahead and advocated it anyway? what about the fucking military idiot douchebags that fund, train, and arm “terrorists”/”rebels”/”isis”/”the FSA”/whatever-the-fuck on one side of the middle east, then bomb them on the other? what about evil pieces of shit that go on shooting rampages to just get famous, or revenge, or both, only to serve the government’s desires to slowly and progressively prevent us from the tools to protect ourselves from such murder-sprees, as they want to commit more of those themselves? what about the shitbag hackers that invent malware, perhaps one of our most powerful tools against the state, then sell it to the state itself, to attack other states, crypto-anarchists, and hackers themselves? what about fucking idiots that obsessively regurgitate dogmatic catchphrases and rehearsed bullshit, while unable to engage in a single rational argument of logical construction? what about irs agents that knowingly target political opponents of the “current” (omnipresent) regime, then take a magnet to their hard drive and claim that it “crashed,” not only the wrong terminology, but something a hard drive doesn’t just do within a day, or a week, or a month, unless you fuck it up on purpose? what about teachers that fill students’ minds with total bullshit, like collectivism and obedience to unjust, pointless authority, because it benefits them and their jobs, and they were brainwashed by the same fucking lies too? what about the ones that don’t even believe the fucking lies they spout? what about cops that never catch murderers or rapists or thieves, but sure know how to hand out tickets for “public” “intoxication” and “disturbing” the “peace?” what about sick fucks that bomb other countries and convince leftist dumbfucks that it’s “humanitarian?” what about the same sick fucks that bomb other countries and convince neocon shitbags that offensive wars are somehow defensive, because they know who the bad guys are, and it’s surely not them?


ever wonder if the people we worship are the worst fucking people in the world, dead or not? ever wonder if no human is worthy of veneration? ever wonder why you are never taught in school about lysander spooner, the guy who was shut down by the gubmint in the 19th century after he started a superior competitor to the still incredibly shitty postal service? ever wonder why you’re not taught about music that isn’t mind-numbing pop crap that is made to be in sync with the average human heart rate, so that it syncs up to whatever syrupy, sugar-coated, flighty crap emotions you’ve been conditioned to have since fucking birth? ever wonder why you live this life? ever wonder if there was no first cause, but just a series of big-bangs and big-crunches? ever wonder if there had to have been a first cause, even if that were the case? ever wonder if newtonian mechanics is just a crappy positivistic theory, and quantum mechanics even moreso, because as einstein, podolsky, and rosen showed roughly eighty years ago, quantum-mechanics, locality, and causality as resulting from the forward progress of time, cannot all three be true simultaneously? ever wonder why the government subsidizes the food that is worst for us, and makes us lazy, fat and stupid (grains, oats, cereals, etc.)? ever wonder why they put fluoride in the water? ever wonder if the hardcore conspiracy theorists are just as insane as those that believe that “our wise overlords are just here to serve us,” as the anarchist historian tom woods puts it in such an incisively sarcastic manner? ever wonder if there is a happy medium, as conspiracies are just instances of intentional criminal collusion, by definition? ever wonder why leftists are obsessed with the evils and hierarchy of capitalism, the only system that can lead us away from the state? ever wonder why leftist anarchists want to institute involuntary hierarchy, yet call themselves “anarchists?” ever wonder why shitty “economists” such as paul krugman and brad delong display such an ignorance of austrian economics, for simple sake of deriding it, while even mediocre-to-acceptable ones like david friedman display the same lack of understanding of core principles of said theories, for the same purposes? surely it’s not a conspiracy… ever wonder if it’s likely that the more they dig, the more unanswerable questions they see implicitly formed in direct opposition to their own bullshit theories? ever wonder why people are so fucking deluded? ever wonder if the “dirty” cop is better than the completely statist cop, if only marginally, because he lets victimless crimes like prostitution and drug use slide, in exchange for a fee, even though the “dirty” cop is still engaging in extortion, backed by the violence of the state? ever wonder why the usg doesn’t just get its grimy fucking hands out of the middle east, because every intervention, sanction, bombing, war, training, funding, and the myriad of other state tactics only creates more fucking enemies? ever wonder if our rulers aren’t really just idiots pretending to be smart, but evil geniuses pretending to be idiots that fuck up everything they touch?

why am i the bad guy?


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  1. Now this is how a mind works!!! 50 million questions, always wondering wtf is up, down, sideways, and what forces are acting upon me and why, where how and from whom.
    Bad guy? So so subjective, which leads to more questions, who says good, who says bad, who defines these terms that lodge themselves in our brains…Sure, your definition is THEIR definition, and your meaning mirrors Their definition, their creation.
    Your are bad, simply because you don’t act (robotically respond) like they do…without thought, without questions, moving through the world in the left lane at a 50 mph clip in a 70 mph speed zone, unaware of what’s behind them beside them or in front of them…driftingly oblivious to what it means to be alive.

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