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systems of determining more-effective action

– one system is wherein people do things that work well for them over time, and thus keep doing them, while discarding behaviors that work poorly for them. think of mises’ “removal of felt unease” inherent to all intentional action. – the other meta-system (containing two similar but separable systems) that creates repeated intentional goal-oriented […]

The Genius of Roger Garrison, Part Two

At the end of part one I mentioned Friedman’s fears of deflation, which I said were a natural consequence of his view that depressions stem from the nature of money itself. Friedman basically said that we should keep the nominal interest rate at zero and shoot for consistent and low inflation each year (around 3% […]

Enter title here

time to placate my brain by way of offering my liver as sacrifice, a savage cosmic toll changed hands, prefacing the pitch-black scuba dive into that all-too-familiar vortex of muddled consciousness engulfed in a swarm of complacent nihilism normally sheathed and hidden like a small bag at the bottom of a half-empty pack of cigarettes […]