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time to placate my brain by way of offering my liver as sacrifice, a savage cosmic toll changed hands, prefacing the pitch-black scuba dive into that all-too-familiar vortex of muddled consciousness engulfed in a swarm of complacent nihilism normally sheathed and hidden like a small bag at the bottom of a half-empty pack of cigarettes waiting infinitely patiently to cross the barrier between blood and brain only to invoke another deeper abyss, ever-magnifying yet ever-changing like a violent fractal stripping me of my reality until i am yanked out of the typhoon of nothingness black, back into the ever-so-bright sunlight of the early tides of the afternoon peeking through thin eyelids while simulating thoroughly-exhausted essence and wondering what the fuck my body did while my mind was astrally projecting into the null that is the sum of everything… just kidding, drugs are bad!!


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