Cage Match #1: Evil Idiots

don't forget to buy US bonds!!!

Nobody gets out alive. Neocons, now plainly perverse yet perfectly pervasive, even in the average dumbocrat’s mind, cheesily understand leftist monetary and fiscal policy, while since, have finally and jankily figured out how to meld political and monetary collectivism with regulatory/protectionist policy that has been entirely captured by Machiavellian pricks that benefit from them, or are in government themselves. Really, who cares if dimon works for the government or his own “company?” Yet, fake ancaps have yet to produce a logic-breaking argument to this problem. Randians with M4’s are not our friends, and indeed are especially not if they’re out to kill other humans in order to sustain an ADMITTEDLY CORPORATIST empire.

Now take a look at the frothy fomenting fuckstercluck in the middle east and in the fake-right go-right clubs-are-red Yellen Fed. We have a government that ostensibly cannot tell its shit from its brains, yet at the same time, we are witnessing the most radical manipulation of the yield curve in absolute terms, in the entirety of human history. It is NO FUCKING WONDER that the entire system is so manipulated by nominal statistics that we have a polity addicted to statism. The unemployment numbers are bullshit. Nearly half of the potential labor hours in the United States alone go completely unitilized, according to the Federal Reserve’s and BLS’s own numbers… that being said, the BLS is a crock of shit for saying that we are hovering around “full employment” at 5% unemployment. Barely anybody fucking works these days, and easily anybody with half a brain can see it. Even the government knows it, they just pay the BLS to pump out fake numbers while wringing its hands about raising the Fed Funds rate a couple of basis points. So what do they do? They print, they print it good and hard. Lots of it. Enough cash to make swimming pools of C-notes if it weren’t primarily electronic.

One of the most disturbing consequences of this is that the cheap-money addicts that comprise our government are currently wasting a myriad of individuals’ time and wealth on killing civilians and sometimes jihadists in the middle east. Why? They’re trying to snuff out the “bad guys” over there, a classification which has become completely incomprehensible. Are the rebels in Syria evil or not? Are the various warring factions running around Mesopotamia evil or not? Are Saudis allies of the Americans or not? Nobody has the answer to these questions because there is no good or evil in that shithole: they are all fucking evil, and the neocons that try to rein in and keep stable the ME are just as fucking evil.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have a bunch of wannabe states and “official” states duking it out. We have never lived in an ideal world and never will. Once you realize this central fact, that this is an unstable region that the USG is obsessed with trying to stabilize and only further destabilizes, you get pretty angry, pretty quickly. Bitch about “corporations” all you want, but nobody would make money off of these idiots killing each other if the government didn’t have a massive vested interest in war. The neocons are essentially variations on a loser dystopian slob version of Punisher: “If you want peace, prepare for war.” Whatever it takes to serve their half-cocked and hackneyed goals is what they are willing to do. If fighting the terrorist cocksuckers in the middle east means we have the NSA and TSA here at home, so be it.

Which leads me to my other point. These mujahidin pricks in the Middle East are simply… drum roll… muslim neocons! Anyone else surprised? “Let’s build OUR ideal state!” while their average civilians get killed by idiot foreign governments that are happy to go to “war” (or just drop bombs out of airplanes and shit). Depleted uranium in Iraq is a real thing. So is a bunch of criminals out of a cartoon, an image ISIS is aspiring to, as anyone with an ounce of brain cells can tell you. “War and screw the consequences” is their motto, remind you of anyone?

So now we have a bunch of big-government conservatives ready for war (neoconservatives) both here and abroad, something abhorrent and a total perversion of the right, as Murray Rothbard talked about in his book The Betrayal of the American Right.

All this war over a series of false flag operations, actual terrorist bullshit, cultural clashes owing to poorly created states, and various states meddling in various other states’ affairs. Want to know my opinion? Stop trying to get knives out with other knives and stop killing each other to institute new states. Come on! It is all literally unnecessary… both the terrorists and the neocons will lose, left fatally wounded.


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