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My alcoholism is regrettable, but my life is not. I’ve conquered benzodiazepine addiction, which, in my somewhat-humble opinion, is far worse than quitting opioids, especially considering that improper withdrawal can kill you. I’ve quit moles, arguably the most addictive substance known to man. Nicotine is known to have a 93% failure rate for those that attempt to escape its clutches; heroin, to wit, maintains an estimated 40% to 60% rate of failure. I am fortunate that my opioid addiction did not include black, but rather preceded it and taught me how to never again let myself become an irritable and constipated fuck-zombie without neurochemical recourse.

Perhaps it’s all for naught, though, as my propensity for blasting my gamma-amino-butyric acid receptors has led me right down the road to being a fucking drunk piece of garbage. It’s eight thirty-seven in the morning here in beautiful Southern California and I am already drinking; ingesting the hair of the dog that bit me. I smoke cigarettes as well, and effectively have for about six years or so. Maybe it’s for the best, as sometimes I worry I would have a damn heart attack without those little carcinogenic demons. I could hardly stand most people back in high school; let alone now, with everything I’ve learned, at the “ripe” age of twenty-four. Turning from a mere rebel without a cause to an angry, alcoholic Austrian anarchist has surely helped my blood pressure rise when thinking about the slow degradation of culture, politics, and morals in our crap society, along with our wise overlords that are just here to serve us (I owe Tom Woods for that hilariously sobering phrase).

Sikth – Walking Shadows

Europe is getting kicked in the balls by its own imbelcilic economic policies, whilst also allowing several tens of millions of people flood its countries in attempted escape from the nightmarish hell the evil neocons and fucktard leftist statists have cooked up, right into a perfect shit-pie. That shit-pie now threatens us with World War Three unless we are lucky enough to randomly elect a president that will not shoot down Russians killing Obama’s pet terrorists in Syria, or nuke Iran based on advanced weapons they don’t even possess (Iraq, anyone?), or hell, even make a universal declaration that China’s local hegemony is no match for the USSA’s global hegemony, so the South China Sea must be bombed until the water fucking evaporates with a nice greenish hue.

If Chairman Obamao were our president for the next four years, I have no shred of a doubt that our increasingly sick, deluded, and cultureless society would be thrust into the throes of a war that threatens all of human civilization’s existence. Thank God, literally, that even in the Republican party itself, neocon is becoming a dirty word. Look at Jeb Bush. I am not a Trump supporter, but I like when he says that “the last thing this country needs for President is another Bush or Clinton.” Clinton starved half of a million children in Iraq and then Bush gave the non-obliterated ones radiation poisoning with depleted uranium garbage.

However, despite my prior words of encouragement, Republicans were asked if they would bomb the chocolate out of innocent women and children, and this was seen as a way of measuring “toughness” on ISIS (and implicitly, Assad). Plenty of these warmonger fascist fucks were completely willing to make another Fukushima right in the heart of the Fertile Crescent. Fortunately, the most-hawkish of the candidates are also the biggest lunatics, which is becoming increasingly clear as people lose their tempers over what might be classified as random bullshit and other bullshit.

Even if the world powers don’t throw us into a literally unwinnable world war, we still face major threats to our society. Political correctness has finally shown even moderate liberals that it is, indeed, the malignant tumor that the right has always claimed it was. The “social justice” movement is a bunch of terrified, ungrateful, uneducated and illiterate children that bully others around with the institutional protections provided by (guess who?) the fucking LEVIATHAN STATE.


Guess what? These idiots are completely willing to destroy the fabric of our society by demanding deficit-financed handouts, voting for avowed socialists, destroying the ability to exercise free speech, evaporating the family structure in favor of pansexuality, eliminating the ability of your common non-state actor to own a weapon, heartlessly ruining the lives of us that produce for society via taxes and monetary inflation, sniping the ability of individuals to defend themselves in (government) court by meticulously surveilling their entire lives; need I continue? Social justice warriors are merely the “grassroots” cultural PR for the totalitarian communist shithole that we are rapidly approaching. “Within our own lifetimes,” indeed.

One word I’d like to point out, that is very close to the core of the modern leftist cultural set of memes, is the idea of “shaming.” The concept is that certain ways of speaking to others somehow induce shame in them. However, the plain and simple fact of things is that you choose whether to feel shame. You interpret the words that you hear others speak. To disallow people to “shame” others is to disallow not only criticism of others’ lifestyles and behaviors, but also to disallow criticism of anything, other than criticism itself, of course. I’m not sure precisely when people became such thin-skinned pussies, but inculcation in the P.C. cult has surely enveloped the minds and hearts of many of my generation (especially those slightly younger than myself, making them born around 93 to 95). It’s no wonder why: my generation is thoroughly inculcated in the cult of PC. “You can’t say transexuals are perverts! That’s mean and untrue!” The communist brainwashing center that I attended college at is even more hellishly submerged in this fucking leftist insanity. I was recently told at a girl’s house (a girl that doesn’t even necessarily disagree) that I couldn’t say that I’d take Trump over any of the Democrat candidates! I was hushed quickly, past midnight, in ISLA VISTA! I couldn’t help but add that Obama and Hitlery created fucking ISIS (yes, I used those exact words), to which I was even-more hurriedly SHUSHED! Really? No free speech in Collegeland, eh? What a bunch of ill-educated and prissy faggots…

YOU CAN’T SAY THAT!!! When did speaking one’s mind become a crime? Guess what, I’ll tell you lots of things you can’t say.

  • I don’t support the troops
  • Welfare is fucking theft
  • 9/11 was an inside job
  • Fuck the police
  • School shootings are almost always false flags
  • Government is inherently criminal
  • Taxes are stupid
  • I don’t know if Zimmerman was guilty
  • War is a racket
  • “Public goods” are a waste of our hard-earned money
  • Nobody deserves another’s property
  • Most popular music is garbage
  • Everyone is somewhat tainted with immorality
    … need I continue?

Just as bad as the leftist social whatever-thing is the slow cultural degradation rapidly taking place around us. They are obviously linked in theory, but not always in appearance or intensity. Watch how standardized test scores have been falling for several consecutive years as high-schoolers graduate functionally illiterate. Watch how even now, imbeciles that attend “college” can’t explain to you any of those supposedly obscure and arcane references to Greco-Roman mythology, philosophy, political economy, and the like. Watch as people lose their ability to critically think, because logic and mathematics are no longer purveyed as means towards ultimate truth. Watch as journalists make more grammar and spelling mistakes than fifth-graders did when I was one. Watch as people succumb to ignorance and increasingly support psychotic overlords that only wish to do us harm. Watch as people grow up around computers and know nothing about them. Watch as people waste their lives hating others for their success. Watch people forget the whole reason we want freedom in the first place:

all of this bullshit is not helping anyone.



  1. I have a bad habit of speaking my mind to people who may have no interest in hearing it. That’s my disclaimer and I’m sticking to it!

    All of this makes me wonder what sort of pain you bear, to self-medicate in such a variety of ways, including ranting. Such cogent sentences in support of such disorganized logic, to project the anger at yourself back outward. Whatever your real or imagined crimes are, it’s cruel and unusual punishment and you don’t deserve it. No one does.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I like your insight. I do have depression but it’s not as severe as it might seem. My logic is, however, plenty organized; I just didn’t care to make a coherent argument here. It was primarily intended to be a stream-of-consciousness type of deal. If you are interested in my more technical works, explore some of the earlier articles on the site 🙂

      The Genius of Roger Garrison pt. 1
      Ludwig Lachmann’s Psychedelic Solitaire pt. 1
      The Garrison series has four parts so far and the Lachmann series has two. Plus I have a head-to-head of their ideas in this article:
      Cage Match #3: Garrison and Lachmann

      I appreciate the concern but this article was mainly intended to just blow off some steam. Have a good one

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