Epitaph or Gospel?

fuck you

An epitaph is simply a short text honoring one that has deceased. Gospel simply and literally means “good news.” By the end of tomorrow, we will most likely know which one this article could best be described as.

This country was never perfect. It never was and never will be. Regardless, tomorrow, the American voter will decide between civil war and world war. Trump, hated by the worst of the fake right and the blinded masses of the left, is the last chance our country has to fight the communist-at-home and neocon-abroad New World Order. Some say Hillary represents the worst elements of our government, of our society, of our culture; in reality, she is simply the ultimate statist: a narcissistic, criminal, power-mad, thieving socialist warmonger that wants nothing more than to kill you and take your money.

Trump, for all his virtues and faults, is not a libertarian, but he is absolutely on the right. He is to be lauded for this. Trump sees an America in decline that anyone with a modicum of economic knowledge and an attention span longer than that of a hamster has seen for a long time. Trump is not a smiling neoconservative hack, repeating the lie of America as the shining city on the hill, while rioting free-shitters, conniving central banks, control freak enemies within, and US government terrorists run amok, threatening to tear everything this once-great nation built. Trump wants to “Make America Great Again.” That means that, guess what? Things aren’t so great right now, for any American living as part of what are called the middle and lower classes.

It only makes sense: those that hate capitalism seek to destroy the capital structure. Those that hate success only seek to tear it away from others. We are now at a crossroads wherein we have our last opportunity to prevent not inevitable economic collapse, but indeed, global thermonuclear war. I’m not sure about you, dear reader, but I have been praying that we are not embroiled in a wholly unnecessary yet certainly deadly nuclear confrontation with the Russian government. I remember glibly remarking to a few friends of mine back in 2013 that “our communist president wants to take us to World War Three over a pile of fucking sand.” This is when people were still stupid enough to believe that Assad was firing chemical weapons at his own civilians for no reason whatsoever, other than being a “bad guy.”

Little did I know, that communist that wanted to take us to WW3 was not the creepy, effeminate totalitarian wannabe rapper with the social security number of a dead guy from Connecticut, that carries no guilt from killing babies at weddings using flying robots with rocket-propelled missiles. No, the communist that wants to drive us towards nuclear annihilation is actually the other person that was singularly most instrumental in fomenting the disaster that Syrians now call home: Hillary Clinton, an even less-polished, bitchy soccer mom murderer of a woman that will stop at nothing to make sure that everyone, including her own despicable (dare I say, deplorable?) husband that she is known to throw vases and sharp objects at. I am not absolving GWB and his neocon pals for fucking up the Middle East, but he certainly left it in better shape than Obama and Hillary have (which is saying something, as Bush absolutely devastated the Middle East).

Trump is what literally stands between humanity and nuclear annihilation. I don’t believe the man is a racist, a sexist, a homophone, an “Islamophobe,” or whatever other leftist slurs might be heaped upon him. However, if he were those things, it wouldn’t matter one single iota compared to how purely evil that woman Hillary is. Not only has Hillary never seen a war she didn’t like, but she also has never seen a law or regulation she didn’t like. They say Ron Paul had a large painting of Murray Rothbard in his office; Hillary probably has one of Josef “Stalin” (made-up name) in hers.

Trump might not have a painting of Rothbard in his office in Trump Tower, but he may just have a painting of himself. He might put a painting of Reagan or Roosevelt in the Oval Office if elected. Trump may not be an anarcho-capitalist, or even a loosely-defined libertarian, but he is on the right and is a true conservative. Trump represents a shedding of the neoconservatism that has poisoned the right wing since the beginnings of the Cold War; perverting the Right from a peaceful, free-market, liberty-oriented spectrum of political thought, into a sick, twisted, murderous, world-raping warmonger military-industrial complex, controlled by those who hold the pursestrings (moneyprinters and politicians and such).

fuck you too

We are in a big fat ugly bubble, and we better be awfully careful, and we have a Fed that is doing political things. This Janet Yellen of the Fed… the Fed is being political by keeping interest rates at this level.

And believe me, the day Obama goes off and he leaves, and he goes out to the golf course for the rest of his life to play golf, when they raise interest rates, you are going to see some very bad things happen because the Fed is not doing their job. The Fed is being more political than Secretary Clinton.

Tomorrow night will show us whether people have learned fucking anything about those that lord the state over them. Trump is not a genius, but he is a smart motherfucker. Trump is not an anarcho-capitalist, or even a lukewarm libertarian, but he wants to destroy a myriad of state institutions running, and thus ruining, your life. Trump is not a complete non-interventionist, but he is not a psychopathic neocon hawk (or “liberal interventonist,” as Robert Kagan’s sensitive, literally murderous ego would prefer). Trump is not the ultimate Austrian economist, but the guy stood on national television, during one of the most-watched events in history, and said that Janet Yellen is being more “political” than Hillary Clinton. Do you have the guts to say that, on what actually amounts to international television, where you could be gunned down by a single (for example) CIA asset lunatic with a fancy badge being paid to, or blackmailed into, killing you? Remember the first time they tried to do 9/11? With vans and fake explosives that turned out to be real?

It makes one wonder why they haven’t done it already. Who knows? A psyop rolled in a psyop encased in a silky black sheet of psyop? Is Steve Pieczenik for real, or the best psyop ever? Who knows? Maybe Don is being set up to be assassinated so the neocon creep fuck Pence can take over and give them Bush III. Who knows?

If Hillary wins, Janet will probably not hike, then perhaps push rates lower only after launching the next QE, which will by all accounts, likely break the dams and make price inflation absolutely explode to the upside. Stocks will do great, until people realize the entire economy has been hollowed out by fake money… then it’s Weimar II and depression time… and don’t kid yourself into thinking they’ll stop printing before it happens. They’re like tweakers trying to keep the wheels on a shopping cart that needs more and more gas in the lawnmower engine to keep it going.

If Trump wins, Janet will most definitely hike (unless Trump fires her first), which will only help further prick the bubble. The second hike will surely do more damage than the first, and the third even more, until deflationary collapse quickly sets in and sucks all the air out of the bubbles gasping their last dying, stupid, futile breaths. Hell, she could just hike a full point at the next meeting. I had to explain to a leftist the other day why she shouldn’t buy a house in this market… did you people learn fucking nothing from the last tech bubble and the last housing bubble popping? Nope, and now we have a bubble in everything: a full-on money and credit bubble that encompasses virtually all markets.

The only thing for certain, as I myself, Peter Schiff, and countless others have said:

Trump is a gamble, but Hillary will definitely be terrible.

We could have a war starting in eastern Europe between NATO (USA) and Russia, with the USA in the Middle East and North Africa fighting alongside ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Al-Qaeda headchopper 72-virgins types, et cetera fighting the Russians and Iranians and what’s left of Syria, with India and Pakistan just jumping at the chance to go at it right there for no fucking reason anyway.

Sound like a good idea to you? Einstein once said that he knew not what World War Three will be fought with, but he knew World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones. Well, I’ll do you one better. World War Three may not start as a nuclear war, but it will definitely end as one. We’ll be lucky to have sticks and stones left.

Anyone who tells you they can’t vote for a racist, sexist, insert commie buzzword here is just a damn fool that knows nothing of history or modern geopolitics. Oh well, missed your chance.

missed ya chance

Trump or bust.


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