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Epitaph or Gospel?

An epitaph is simply a short text honoring one that has deceased. Gospel simply and literally means “good news.” By the end of tomorrow, we will most likely know which one this article could best be described as. This country was never perfect. It never was and never will be. Regardless, tomorrow, the American voter […]

Modern Decadence

My alcoholism is regrettable, but my life is not. I’ve conquered benzodiazepine addiction, which, in my somewhat-humble opinion, is far worse than quitting opioids, especially considering that improper withdrawal can kill you. I’ve quit moles, arguably the most addictive substance known to man. Nicotine is known to have a 93% failure rate for those that […]

Circling Down the Drain

Awake – Textures Who would’ve thought that Ol’ Yellen would’ve been the one to take the economy out back and shoot it? I ask this in not a bitchy, simpleton, Krugmanesque manner, but in an Austro-monetarist one. Seven years of All-American ZIRP have thrust the country into an orgy of both consumption and investment: an […]

Cage Match #2: Eurocrats, Nations, and Individuals

Up next, we have the international money, competing with the European federal state, competing with individual European nation-states, competing with European individuals themselves. Ostensibly, Eurocrats (including the ECB) and international banks like the IMF want to work together. Lately, they have been, owing to the fact that Greece looks like a pressure point in the […]

Cage Match #1: Evil Idiots

Nobody gets out alive. Neocons, now plainly perverse yet perfectly pervasive, even in the average dumbocrat’s mind, cheesily understand leftist monetary and fiscal policy, while since, have finally and jankily figured out how to meld political and monetary collectivism with regulatory/protectionist policy that has been entirely captured by Machiavellian pricks that benefit from them, or […]

Topple the Food Pyramid

Who in their right mind honestly believes that a given individual’s diet should be guided by a blanket prescription for everyone? Who actually thinks that people should eat a whopping six to eleven servings of grains, cereals, breads, starches, and so on, while restricting their daily intake of say, meat, to a mere two or […]

Into the Void

northlane – scarab “The truth is, we all suffer.” Life is pain, as the Buddhists say; that is in its intrinsic nature, and there is no escape. We are all continually under assault from the state, those that seek to run the lives of others, even those that most ostensibly benefit from such arrangements, due […]

why i am an ancap, but not a fan of polycentric “law”

personally i think that private security would, right off the bat, be less necessary than fans of polycentric “law” do. even then, i think private security would be a lot more decentralized than just a bunch of (or a few) companies competing in the security market. i really don’t see any reason why freelance bodyguards […]

why am i the bad guy?

why am i the bad guy? the guy with holes in his ears? the guy that smokes at 2 a.m. the most caustic, ammonia-packed cigarettes he has found thus far in life? the guy who skates in his twenties? the guy who drinks like he’s got two hollow legs, and perhaps a hollow skull as […]