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Descartes and Perception

René Descartes maintained the view that humans do not directly perceive the world and its contents as they truly are. Rather, he postulated that one relies on incomplete information derived from senses that merely give a representative impression of reality, at best. Aristotle’s and the more classical/scholastic views of natural philosophy held that all knowledge […]

Modern Decadence

My alcoholism is regrettable, but my life is not. I’ve conquered benzodiazepine addiction, which, in my somewhat-humble opinion, is far worse than quitting opioids, especially considering that improper withdrawal can kill you. I’ve quit moles, arguably the most addictive substance known to man. Nicotine is known to have a 93% failure rate for those that […]

The EPR Paper

In 1935, three quantum physicists, Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen wrote an article for the journal Physical Review, entitled “Can Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete?” Quantum mechanics is the attempt to describe the physics of subatomic particles’ behavior and interactions using mathematics. Realism is the idea that objects, particles, and […]

Into the Void

northlane – scarab “The truth is, we all suffer.” Life is pain, as the Buddhists say; that is in its intrinsic nature, and there is no escape. We are all continually under assault from the state, those that seek to run the lives of others, even those that most ostensibly benefit from such arrangements, due […]

systems of determining more-effective action

– one system is wherein people do things that work well for them over time, and thus keep doing them, while discarding behaviors that work poorly for them. think of mises’ “removal of felt unease” inherent to all intentional action. – the other meta-system (containing two similar but separable systems) that creates repeated intentional goal-oriented […]

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time to placate my brain by way of offering my liver as sacrifice, a savage cosmic toll changed hands, prefacing the pitch-black scuba dive into that all-too-familiar vortex of muddled consciousness engulfed in a swarm of complacent nihilism normally sheathed and hidden like a small bag at the bottom of a half-empty pack of cigarettes […]

forgot that i had made this blog

Hello there, and welcome to my blog. Some content may be properly punctuated and capitalized and such, others may not. My general areas of interest and expertise are in computers, economics, politics, bombing hills, “is that cooked enough” steak, downers, technical metal, comparative systems analysis, strong and nuanced beer, neurochemistry, girls, epistemology, hot pockets, moke […]